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Amazing savings up to $ 6.00! S Flyer 2 June 2017
Top Sirloin Steak (Large Pack) $ 6.97
Meat Hamburger Selection, $ 7.97 ($ 3.00 Off)
Attract the fresh chicken legs or Sufra Halal chicken legs again, $ 1.87
Pebble barbecue, $ 4.97 ($ 6.00 off)
SeaQuest King Crab, $ 2.47 ($ 0.50 Off)
It should be all day shipyard ship, $ 9,97
Maple Natural Selection, Deli Meat, $ 3.97
Old Mill Bags, $ 1.44 ($ 0.13 Off)
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Kindly quality hersa basmati rice, $ 6,97
Ataulfo ​​Mango, $ 9,97
Silk almonds, $ 2.97
Aasshirvaad whole wheat flour, $ 8,87
Maggi Chicken Laced Cubes, $ 3.97
All the Seam of RAM appatizers, $ 2.97
Half Whole Chicken, $ 2.47
Zabiha Halal Chicken Wings, $ 11.97
The final page is full of super fresh and natural fruits and vegetables! Use a large amount of summer liquid. It should be remembered that we have a drink that helps in drinking. We prefer to leave a fresh fruit juice rather than leave. Mix the fruit, make your own cocktail. Easy eating healthy food! Here it is. No-flyer in two days in June 2011
Super fresh fruits and vegetables;
Pineapple, $ 1.97 EA
Strawberries, $ 1.97 ea.
English cucumber, $ 0.77
All the tomatoes were $ 0.77 pounds.
Farmer's market reddish brown potato, $ 2.47 (10 pound bag)
Iceberg lettuce, $ 1.47 EA.
Parsby had $ 1.97 a pound.
Mini carrots or ice peas, $ 2.97
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